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May 26/27, 2019

Memorial Day

In honor of Memorial Day, we will be closed on Sunday and Monday.  We will reopen on Tuesday at 10 a.m.  We will be checking messages and returning calls as necessary.

General Information and Links
  • The American Kennel Club (AKC)-- Register your dog. Look up shows and events. Learn about recognized breeds. And so much more!
  • The United Kennel Club (UKC) -- The United Kennel Club is the world’s largest performance dog registry and second oldest all-breed registry in the United States.
  • great books/videos on dog related issues
  • Pets of the Homeless is the only national animal organization focused completely on feeding and providing emergency veterinary care to pets of the homeless.
Local Animal Shelters: Vet Specialty Practices: Pet Care Services:  

Clients often ask about appropriate vaccination schedules for their dogs. Click this link for a suggested vaccine schedule as outlined by Dr. W. Jean Dodds. Dr. Dodds is an internationally recognized authority on thyroid issues in dogs and blood diseases in animals. In the mid-1980's she founded Hemopet, the first nonprofit blood bank for animals. Dr. Dodds is a grantee of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, and author of over 150 research publications. Through Hemopet she provides canine blood components and blood-bank supplies throughout North America, consults in clinical pathology, and lectures worldwide.

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